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A great place for an art date

If you've read the book The Artist's Way, then you know the idea of taking yourself on an art date. One of my favorite places in the Bay Area for an art date is the San Jose Art Museum.

I love this museum because it's small. The main exhibits are on two floors and there are usually only three or four exhibitions going on at once. Because it's small you can see the entire museum in a couple hours and then treat yourself to a nice meal in the museum or at a nearby local restaurant.

Second reason this is a great museum is that it's affordable, only $10 for an adult. If you go on the first full weekend of the month and have a Bank of America card, it's free!

Finally, they have some really great special exhibits. Currently they are showcasing work by Raimonds Staprans, a Northern California artist for over 60 years, whose beautiful work is known for its sensitivity to color and light. He will be speaking at the museum on March 7th for a Lunchtime Lecture.

Taking yourself on an "art date" is a great way to learn as well as feed the creativity. The San Jose Art Museum is a great place to treat yourself to something art related.

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