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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

You either like reading self-help books or you don't. If you're the latter than you can ignore this post. However, if you're like me and every so often you like to pick up something that might motivate or give you a fresh perspective or just remind you of some basics then you might like to pick up Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Gilbert is also the author of Eat, Pray, Love which was met with very mixed reviews from my friends. Most didn't like it but, I did. If you already read her other book than it might give you an idea of how you might feel about this one.

The two big ideas I got from this book are;

1. Don't make your art work for you

2. Ideas are floating around and sometimes you get a good idea but it might not be the right time.

The first is especially important to me because it released a lot of the pressure I felt about my work being my sole source of income. I realized that my creativity was less hampered when I didn't put all that stress on selling work.

The second idea allowed me to let go of ideas and be open to new ones. Now, I don't feel like every idea I have has to manifest into some amazing project. Some ideas are just meant to be stepping stones for something else. This same concept was also expressed in a video I recently watched by comedian, Michael Jr.

Some of you may immediately dismiss Michael Jr's video because of the religious perspective but, just pause for a second. I'm not a religious person but, I do feel it is important to hear ideas from all kinds. The amazing magic is the connection between how the writer, artist and comedian work and think about their craft. The emphasis being on the process and not necessarily the end result.

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