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Be Curious: Creative Journaling

20 days of perspective changing prompts for FREE to suscribers

This class is built on three basic principles:

  • Always be curious. Keep asking questions and expanding your knowledge and the wonders of Life will be infinite.

  • Developing a habit of journaling is one of the keys to a happy creative life.

  • Sharing our discoveries with each other is how we learn and foster community.

How will this class will work?

For twenty days, M-F, Nancy will post a prompt that leads you to be curious and discover something new in a private Facebook group. For twenty days you will set aside a moment in your day to chronicle your discovery in a small creative journal. For twenty days you will share your discoveries with other members of the class. The 21st prompt will send you off with a newly formed habit!


Who is this class for?

For people who live or want to live a creative life. For people who need a fresh perspective. For people who crave a way to express themselves.


What you will need?

A small journal. It should be small because the idea is to fill each page completely with what you discover and to also be able to carry your journal around with you, if you choose. You will also need something to document your discoveries, for example a pen, pencil, or paint. A computer with internet access and a way to scan or take pictures of your journal pages. You will also need a Facebook account since that is where I will post prompts and we will share journal pages.


How do I sign-up?

The next session starts April 6th. Subscribe to my newsletter (top right corner) and receive the prompts for FREE!


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