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Who do I watch on YouTube?

If you've never seen one of Teoh Yi Chie's videos, definitely go check it out. He's a youtuber and blogger who puts out tons of videos and blog posts about on-site sketching, reviews of art books and materials, tips for painting and drawing and a variety of other interesting art related videos.

Teoh Yi Chie's numerous informative videos on Youtube

His videos are consistent, informative and well-edited. The big bonus is that he's likable and has a calm, relatable personality.

I also enjoy that his videos are in Singapore so I get to see a little bit of the local scene and he travels quite a bit so you can live vicariously through his videos. ;)

Finding quality resources takes time and a good blogger, teacher, video or book can be tremendous help for beginner and seasoned artists. I want to share the resources that I've collected over the years with you. Every Monday I'll be writing a post about a book, tool, video or artist that I find interesting or especially helpful for artists. I hope you find it useful!


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