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Moving with the Flow

I am a planner. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a checklist, calendar, type of girl. At the same time I recognize that many of the good things that have developed in my life is because of some unexplainable force that seems to be directing me. Sometimes I just go down a certain path because it feels right and, to my suprise, find opportunities open up.

I recently signed up for an e-course with Mati McDonough called Daring Adventures in Creative Biz. I signed up because it felt like it was answering a call I was throwing out into the universe. In the course she interviews Willo O'Brien, who is a creative entrepreneur coach and I got so many affirming ideas from it, that I wanted to share a few.

Clearing the path

One idea expressed in the interview is the idea of getting out of your own way. Not in the traditional sense of allowing yourself to say yes to scary new ideas, but actually clearing the way to allow ONE idea to really blossom. This is so true for me. I love starting new things and so I'm always picking up new projects and responsibilities. Every single one has definitely help me grow, but recently, I made a conscious decision to just focus on one thing, which is to make time to paint. This starts with saying "no," even when the project sounds really enticing.

You can be home but not actually arrive yet

I like this idea because it means being ok with the place you are right now but, also aware that it can be a good place and you can have a lot to be thankful for, but still feel slightly uncomfortable. And that is ok. Sometimes I worry that I will never be satisfied. Then I remember that it's ok to be both fully satisfied and still want more. It means that we are looking forward to what the future has to offer us and the potential opportunities we can explore.

Start where you are

For me this means, working on the now. You have where you want to be or imagine what you are trying to build, but it is also important to focus on the present and begin with what needs to be done today. In Willo's interview she mentions getting the days "right" and then the weeks, months and years will follow. What a great reminder that we can work with what we have right now, even if it isn't quite our ideal situation.

I've taken a course with Mati before and at the time it was at the very beginning of this journey when I first started re-investigating my creative side. How interesting that now about 3 or 4 years later, I'm now in a different place and taking a different but, relevant course with Mati again. It makes me excited to think about what other unplanned events lie around the corner.

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