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Find Your Tribe

Your local community art organization is a great resource. Most likely they host classes, opportunities to showcase work and space to meet other artists. Artist work can be very isolating and it's important to get out and talk about your work with other artists as well as be open to what others are doing. The Fremont Art Association is that place for me.

I started by participating in the annual art show and then over time assumed different roles that I found interesting and also helped me as an artist. One of my favorite is teaching painting class to a group of dedicated women painters. I realize now that we've been meeting as a class for around 3 years. This last Saturday I was just overwhelmed with the enthusiasm, talent and dedication of these painters.

Of course the last 3 years we've learned a lot as painters but, what I really enjoy is that we have now become a little tribe of like-minded individuals. Our love for art and painting brings us together. It's a wonderful feeling to have a group of people who will geek out with you about new brushes or a video you just saw about some artist. Which is why I suggest that you start participating with your local art organization. It will not only open doors of opportunities but, also lead you to satisfying new friendships.

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