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I'm on the map!

I'm on Google Maps! It's such a small step, but I finally verified my address for Google Maps and now you can locate my studio if you ever feel like visiting. The end of this year will be the one year anniversary of my studio. The journey to get to this point consisted of hundreds of baby steps similar to getting myself verified on Google Maps. On a daily basis it doesn't feel like I'm moving forward but, looking back, I can see that I have. Sometimes my journey felt directionless, for example I bought a sketchbook or I signed up for a painting class. Sometimes it was purposeful, like researching studio spaces or putting my work up for sale. I've made countless to do lists and wish lists and dream lists. Many items still remain uncompleted, but much has been accomplished. I did a show. I sold paintings. I created a website. I have a space. It helps to be organized and a planner, but a lot of it is about following your heart. Something feels right and you just go towards it. You take a risk and write down an idea, even when it seems impossible. I hope everyone out there finds the courage to do the same.

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