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If You Build...


The last week was productive. I "built" a lot towards my goals. I worked on some more ideas for my painting classes. I've started venturing out and promoting the class to the local library and art association. If you'd like to hear more about future classes in the area, feel free to subsrcibe to my website (I promise I won't send spam mail). I cleaned out my studio and bought some tables and chairs. Things are progressing.

It feels good to be crossing items off the list but, there are moments when I wonder, "what is this for?" We build, accumulate and acquire until at some point it starts to reverse. Last week I threw away at least 4 large trashbags of "stuff," part of our family goal to purge and simplify. My husband and I recently have been feeling the need to get rid of things. Some how we came to a collective decision that it's time to take a different path and start eliminating things. It can seem morbid if you think too much about it, but for me it's been very liberating.

We don't always have to be purpose driven. Sometimes we are just building the blocks and seeing where it's taking us. I'm not sure what the end is suppose to look like. In the meantime I'll just keep chugging along.

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