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Recently I've been thinking a lot about conversations. I think it's because I've been putting myself out there more frequently in various venues and as a result have met a lot of interesting people and have had a lot of interesting conversations. I use to not like people. I now understand that my disdain for people was a lack of respect for myself. As a result I missed out on a lot of opportunities because my mind was closed. Over the years the relationship with myself has matured and I've grown to acknowledge my strengths without guilt and embrace my faults with a more open mind. As a result I've found that my relationship with strangers and people I've just met has also improved. I treat them with the same respect that I've found for myself. I'm more forgiving and try to be open minded and look at every experience as an opportunity for growth. It's not easy. I still get impatient. I can be opinonated and condescending. But, I try.

My most recent works is related to this process. I'm fixated on this idea that people need good conversation and good conversation comes from a place of first being forgiving to ourselves so that we can be open to recieve what others have to give. It's interesting that the word "forgiving" has the word "give" in it. The more we are open to our own faults, the more accepting we are of others and the more we can give to each other. Not material things but, give in the form of honest dialogue. Good conversations.

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