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Smartest or Most Dedicated?

Sort of unrelated to art, but not really, would you rather hire the smartest person or the most dedicated? When I ask my students this question, they usually choose smartest. Freddy Corbin, the tattoo artist I saw speak at Creative Mornings last week, said that he chose most dedicated. In other words, he decided to choose an apprentice that had good work ethics over the uber, talented artist.

I wished I had figure this out when I was younger. I wish I had understood, like I do know, that even if I wasn't the most talented artist in the room, if I was the hardest working, it would make a difference. I forgot who said this, but they said, "If you're not losing sleep, than you're not doing it right." So, this year, I'm working to win the "most-dedicated employee of the month" award at my studio!

Stuff I'm working on;

Create 52 paintings by the end of the year

Increase exposure for my studio with free meetups

Submit to at least five shows

Sell work at the Arts and Wine Festival and the Olive Hyde Holiday Sale

Chair the Annual Art Show for FAA

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