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So Much Gratitude

I've been busy painting and have built up a nice body of work in preparation for two fairs. The first is in Alameda on Sunday, June 21 and the second is in Fremont on Saturday and Sunday, June 27 and 28. I'm hoping these fairs will be more successful than the first one I did last year. That one was really just to get my feet wet. For June, I've decided to completely jump in. I bought some table cloths and display easels. I also purchased a canopy and two wire grid panels to hang my big paintings.

All of this was expensive, but thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, who purchased three of my paintings, I was able to not only invest in these supplies, I was also able to buy more canvases and paints!

I am so grateful and consider myself extremely lucky to have family and friends who support my painting habit.

It makes me feel proud when people purchase my art. I love that they feel a connection with the piece and want to include it in their home. It's not just about the money. I think when people purchase art, it's more personal and they value it more. I've given pieces as gifts, but I often am disappointed when I go over to their homes and don't see it displayed or find it sitting in the garage! I try not to take it personally, after all, how many gifts have we received from people that weren't quite our taste. Over the years, I've learned that it works out better when people buy my paintings, even if it's just for the cost of the supplies. For some reason, when they purchase it, it rarely ends up in a closet, "waiting to be framed."

I still feel weird about charging for my work. I try not to and plenty of artist friends have lectured me about valuing my time and work. Even though logically I know it doesn't make sense to give it away for free, I still can't quite believe that my work is "good" enough. There's also the worry that I'm expending too much energy focusing on making money instead of making art. However, watching money go out the window for a very expensive "hobby" doesn't feel good either.

Who knows where this is all taking me. In the meantime I am having a good time. I love that some of my works are now hanging in the home of a loved one and as I said before, so grateful for my sister and her husband's support. My most recent landscapes have brought a lot of joy and I hope they too will find loving homes. However, my husband has said that he would be completely happy if I never sold a piece so, he could hang them all in our home. :)

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