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Summer Routine

Today was the first day of a new routine that I created for myself now that school is out. It may seem uneccessary to have a schedule when you have more free time, but in fact it becomes even more essential. Otherwise the days can quickly fill up with other fun activities. If I don't make a schedule then I find myself pushing off studio time for a lunch date or a shopping day, because I think I have plenty of time. Before I know it a week has passed and I haven't stepped into the studio once.

Making a schedule is the first part, actually following it, of course, is a different challenge. However, I have found through experience that I always end up making it to the studio more often if I set the intention, then if I just assume that somehow I'll make it there with all the "free" time I have.

It was a busy first day too. I set up a mini assembly line with the sides of paintings being finished on one table and then varnish on the other. It worked out very well. I also had to pack up all the materials for my booth. I'm leaving for a short trip tomorrow so, everything had to be done today, because the Summer Art Fair in Alameda is this Sunday. It's hosted by Wes and Jessica Warren of Studio 23. This is the first fair they have ever hosted and they have done an impressive job so far! It's organized and there has been tons of publicity and the line-up looks like a great bunch of a funky, talented local artists. The local brewery is sponsoring the fair and there is a costume contest. All the artists will be working on their crafts too. I will have several new pieces for sale, both landscapes and abstracts. It's going to be an amazing event so, I hope to see you there!

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