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New Painting-Step by Step

I take a lot of pictures of my painting while I'm working on it so I can see it at different stages. It's fun to share on Instagram and also I like to look at the painting when I'm not in the studio. Study it to see what's working and what's not working. I thought it would be fun to share my newest painting in different stages. Hope you enjoy.

First Layer

​​I usually start drawing in the big shapes and then blocking in some color with very water down paint. At this point I often leave the painting and come back to it the another day. I like for it to be completely dry before I work the next layer.

Blocking in Large Shapes and Color

For the next layer, I don't use as much water and try to start building in some depth. I always work from the back of the painting or the part of the painting that is furthest away.

Working Around the Painting

I then start moving towards the front, building in shapes for more of the foreground - remembering to treat the reflection in the floor as "objects" to be painted. I purposely work from a digitally distorted photograph so, that my eye sees shapes and colors instead of actual "things." I paint an orange blob here and a green blob there instead of painting a shirt or a leg. I try to move around the painting a lot so that there is a rhythm to the colors. I work the painting from top to bottom and side to side, but also from background to foreground.

Stepping Away

At this point the painitng is really close to being finished. There are little details that I know I would like to add but I try not to overwork the painting. I left the studio and gave myself one day break before going back to see what else I could add.

Finishing Touches

The last things I do are add some black and white in various places in the painting and color in places that look unfinished. This is the final painting. Sometimes, I might go back and do a few more details and I also still have to sign and varnish, but, at this point any changes I make are very subtle.

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