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Sunday Routine

​One of my favorite series is the "Sunday Routine" in the NY Times. Every Sunday they highlight different people from a variety of professions and ask them about their Sunday routine. I love reading how people re-energize themselves and get ready for the week. I love finding out new things to try and peeking into the lives of people. It's like an anthropological study into a slice of American life. I thought I do my own Sunday Routine. I don't have a fancy life or live in New York but, it's fun to share. What do you typically do on a Sunday?

Early Morning

We usually get up early, around 7am, to take the dog for a walk. We walk to Suju’s for coffee. It's quiet and there are very few cars or people out. We chat about random things and just connect and reconnect.

I usually skip breakfast or just have fruit because I have a late morning yoga class. I’ll often read the NY Times while I finish my coffee.

Setting Intentions for the Week

My yoga class, at Worlds Yoga, is also walking distance from my house. I only go to Alan's class on Sunday because it's the best. It’s a basic Vinyasa class so, it's low impact. I have a lot of neck and back problems so, staying flexible is key to making sure I feel good the rest of the week. Alan's class is really good because he always greets everyone warmly, introduces himself to new students, and gives clear directions. His routine is consistent so, you can get better but, with just enough variation to make it interesting. I think we can learn how to improve our own practice from anyone if we are looking. Even though I am a high school teacher, participating in Alan's yoga class reminds me of what I can do to be better in my own classroom. I also love how he incorporates setting intentions in his class, which is a great way to start the week.

Leisurly and Flexible Afternoon

The afternoon is usually time for me to catch up on house stuff or errands. Sometimes I will head to the studio, especially if I missed a day during the week. I try to keep a regular studio schedule during the week so, the weekend can be for down time or family time. I think it's really important to take a break, actually schedule in time to do nothing. It is crucial for myself as a teacher and as an artist. When I'm doing nothing, I have time to reflect and work through any problems I might be having in the classroom or with a painting. Stepping away from the work is an important part of the creative process which, I think many of us forget to do.

If I had a good week in the studio, then I will spend Sunday afternoons reading, put-putting around the house and planning a nice dinner. I try to cook a nice meal on Sundays so we can use leftovers for lunch. Sunday is also the day my husband is off work by 7. He ususally works until 9 so, on Sundays we can actually have dinner together.

Early Evening and Television

We end the day together with family time. Sometimes we will watch a movie or maybe a t.v series that we are really into. We will watch entire seasons together. Many parents are anti-television but, I personally love watching things with my family. We've bonded over everything from Planet Earth to Wonder Years to Hayao Miyazaki films. It's how we connect so, I'm ok with t.v. time. We talk about what we watch, connect it to the real world and sometimes even plan our vacation around it. One time we traveled to Astoria to see the house from the movie Goonies. The painting above is of the Astoria Bridge, which is from that road trip. Usually by 10 we are in bed and calling it a night, unless it's summer, then it's "anything goes!"

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