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Sketchbook Resolution

Trying to keep a regular habit of sketching is hard, but necessary. I've never been very good at it. I may have found a system that will help. I've been really into working on paper lately since I discovered a bunch of videos by Jane Davies on YouTube. She has an excellent video of how she prepares paper for a handmade journal. She doesn't show you how to bind the paper together but, I found a great video by SeaLemon, which shows how to do a long stitch binding. So, I made myself a journal using some painted papers from my studio, which you can see in the short video above. For some reason working on paper that already has marks, patterns and paint on it is much easier than working on a blank paper. I love that these are my own marks. I love flipping though the pages and "reading" the journal over and over. I really enjoy working on each page a little at a time and then flipping back and forth to different pages. It keeps me from getting bored. If this works out, I'll be making more of these throughout the year.

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