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"Let's begin, by beginning.."

The ideas have been flowing lately and I feel like I'm constantly starting new projects. The floral abstracts above is the third series I've started for this year. Eventually, I would like to have at least 10 paintings for each series but, it's slow going. Which is fine EXCEPT, I would like to have a nice selection to choose from for show deadlines that are coming up in the next few months.

What concerns me is that I'm not sure if these three series are connected in any way. Do they have to be? Is it enough that they all come from the same painter?

Which means when I do submit my paintings for upcoming shows, how do I decide which series to focus on? Or can I put all of them in? Or will that actually work against me?

I already submitted samples of the first two series to one show and instantly had regrets. Now, I wish I only sent one series in instead of a schizophrenic sampling of my work. I have another application that I'm working on and currently all three series are featured. I just can't decide which one to focus on.

Until then I will just keep putting paint to canvas and push along.

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