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50 Paintings

I spent a good portion of the summer on the east and west coast of the United States, spending time in Virginia, Hawaii, Maine and California, my home base. For the 50/50 series, I decided to capture the leisure and luxury of vacation but, I also wanted to evoke a feeling of impermanence. I wanted to represent in these small paintings the way summer days can move both slowly and quickly. For example, the stretch of a long road during a road trip. The scenery speeds by but, the minutes in the car tick slowly in anticipation of your destination. Or how the shadows on a house flicker on a slow, hot day. Before you know it the air cools and the sky darkens and another summer day passes.

The paintings also show the varying landscapes of the two coasts. From the beaches of Hawaii to the coast of Maine. The greenery of the Napa Valley versus the thick vegetation of Virginia. The dry California landscape compared to the lush rivers of the Shenandoah Valley. All of it was a beautiful backdrop to a luxurious two months. This series was truly a challenge and pleasure to complete. You can see the rest of the 49 paintings by clicking here.

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