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Over the summer I read the book, "The Happiness Equation," by Neil Pasricha. It was full of great advice and easy, actionable items. Most of his suggestions are things we already know but, it's great to get a reminder. For example, taking walks or writing down positive moments from your day or unplugging. I unplugged from social media for about a month and it definitely helped invigorate my creative process. I've been spending less time in the studio because of my new schedule but, every time I'm there I feel happy about what I'm producing. I finally decided to get back "on the grid" and share a few of my latest works. The jumping off point for this series was Mark Eanes' color and design workshop, which I took over the summer. A good teacher, a motivating book, and room for your brain to breathe are all great ways to reinvigorate your practice.

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