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Daring Adventures

On Monday I'll be restarting an amazing course with Mati McDonough called Daring Adventures in Creative Biz. It's more like having a community of coaches than a "class" and has been very influential in helping me strategize creatively and economically as an artist. I'm a long way off from becoming a full time artist but, for me that's not really the goal. Anyone who knows me well, knows that all my goals begin with becoming financially independent. Once you have your ducks in a row, moneywise, everything else falls into place. For me, participating in Mati's class, helped me think of new avenues for myself as an artist. It's about building community. It's about establishing goals to get myself to stretch as a creative. It's about being bold enough to try new things because every step taken is movement versus stagnation.

I took a painting class with Mati and Lisa Congdon about three years ago which really was a spark that started this adventure. The Creative Biz class has proven to be another milestone in my journey. I've also joined Mati's 52 Paintings course taught in partnership with Faith Evans-Sills, another amazing artist. I know that course will be just as inspiring as all the other classes I've taken with her. If you are a creative (i.e., artist, author, designer, illustrator or maker) looking for support, ideas and feedback for how to grow your practice, I highly recommend Daring Adventures in Creative Biz. Pop on over to her website if you are interested in more information.

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